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August 25, 2009

Do Unto Them As They Do Unto You

Quote of the Day: “What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall.” — Charley Reese

Subject: Give the politicians a taste of their own medicine

Politicians are a persistent bunch. Tell them “No,” and they come knocking again. Shout “No,” and they try to sneak in the back door.

We must do what they do. We must be persistent. We must constantly insist on what we want, and at an ever growing volume. 

That’s why the numbers we report are cause for excitement. Rising growth numbers mean that YOUR POWER over the politicians is also rising.

Your powerful persistence is the medicine that will sedate Big Government ambitions. 

Yesterday we focused on recruitment. Please use personalized recruiting to make the Downsize DC Army grow. You can find the instructions here.

But today we need to focus on two other numbers — registrations and letters to Congress. To exceed what we did last month we need . . .

* 1,173 of our new members to send their first letter to Congress
* 19,918 additional letters to Congress

Let’s take these goals in order . . .


Because personalized recruitment works so well the Dispatch now has many more readers than a month ago. But some of our new members haven’t yet registered to use our Educate the Powerful SystemSM. If you haven’t sent your first letter to Congress, could you do so today?

Registration provides the information your representatives need to confirm that you’re a constituent. You only have to do it once. Then it will take just a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to send future letters to Congress. Choose one of the campaigns listed below to register and send your first letter.

Letters to Congress

Congress is still in recess, but they’re coming back soon. Let’s be a “Welcome Back Committee,” and give them much to ponder when they return. It’s important to remember . . .

You can contact your Congressional employees as often as you like, on as many issues as you want. You can even hit them on the same issue repeatedly, as long as they haven’t taken the action you want, or if you have some new argument to make. This is how you can “do what the politicians do” — refuse to take no for an answer.

We need some DC Downsizers to give Capitol Hill some extra doses of that “powerful persistence medicine” this week. Please send letters on as many campaigns as possible. The personal comments you add can be as little as a sentence. Doing this will help us reach our growth goals for the end of the month. Let’s start with these . . .

* The “Read the Bills Act”  — they’re still planning to NOT read the health care bill — OBJECT!

* The “One Subject at a Time Act” — tell them they’d better not add unrelated items to the first bill they pass when they resume work

* The “Write the Laws Act” — remember, this would prohibit Congress from delegating it’s legislative authority to the Executive Branch bureacracy — tell them the next bill they pass had better not authorize the bureacracy to create new rules that have the force of law

* The “Audit the Fed” campaign — this one has plenty of co-sponsors — tell Congress to move it to a vote

* Cap-and-trade is not the way to control carbon emissions — this one is still pending in the Senate, and the House could still reject the final version — tell them they must not drink this poison Kool-Aid

Okay, that’s enough for today. We’ll reconvene our “Welcome Back Committee” tomorrow, and hit Congress on some more issues. Go forth, recruit, register, and send letters to Congress!

Grow the army!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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