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August 24, 2009

What the Numbers Can Do You for You

PUBLIC APPEARANCE: Downsize DC President Jim Babka be speaking at a Tea Party in Pennsylvania. If you’re in the area come by and say, “Hi.” Look below the signature for details.

Quote of the Day: “Never in the history of the world has there been a situation so bad that the government couldn’t make it worse.” — attribution unknown

Subject: What the numbers can do for you

Long-time members of the Downsize DC Army will know that we’re obsessed with measuring our progress. We know of no other organization that so rigorously tracks its most important growth statistics and so diligently reports those numbers to its supporters. We do this because . . .

We actually want to achieve the goal signified by our name. We want to Downsize DC. We desire this because we believe it will foster human progress. And the numbers we report are important to this desire because . . . 

* As a wise man once said, “God tends to be on the side of the bigger battalions.”
* If we constantly grow the size of the Downsize DC Army then YOU will eventually have the biggest “battalion”
* You tend to get more of what you measure, so we measure constantly

This is what the numbers we report can do for you. They can provide the motivation to get what you want. So having said . . .

Meeting our growth goals will be tough this month. We’ve had a great Summer, but August is the prime vacation month, so it’s always difficult. Our recruitment goal will probably be the hardest number to reach, but we’re determined to try, and we hope you are too. Here’s where we stand, followed by what we need to do . . .

The Downsize DC Army now stands at 27,967 members. This means we’re only 33 net new members away from reaching the next milestone of 28,000. But we’re still 1,157 net new members away from exceeding the whopping 1,510 we recruited in July. Can we do it? We think we can, but it’s up to you. Personalized recruiting is the best way to make it happen . . .

Have you ever sold Girl Scout cookies, or candy bars for your child’s school, or solicited pledges for a 10K walk to raise money to cure some disease? If so . . .

You were not only tapping into your friend’s support for your cause, but also their support for you. This personal element can be crucial in overcoming the natural inertia that stops all of us from taking action on behalf of causes we support. Personalized recruiting is also easy . . .

* Think of someone you know who favors smaller government, and who might like things like the “Read the Bills Act” or the “One Subject at a Time Act” — it can even be a person to whom you’ve been forwarding Dispatches — your personal invitation may be the only thing needed to get them to FINALLY join.
* So please send them a personalized email asking them to join Downsize DC
* We’ve prepared sample text you can cut-and-paste and/or edit to fit your needs. You can find that text here.
* Try to make it personal. For instance, begin the message Dear Sally or Joe (or whatever the person’s name is)

Just imagine the potential results if all 27,967 members of the Downsize DC Army did this right now. But we know not everyone will, so it’s even more important that YOU do it. Just go get the sample text from our blog and send one or more personalized emails to people you know who favor smaller government. 

It’s that easy, and we know it works. Many people now reading this message are members because of it.

Before closing, I want to thank everyone who helped us test planned improvements to our website. We got lots of favorable comments plus useful feedback. We’re working to implement the feedback now and everyone will see the results — a new website — very soon.

Now go recruit someone — grow the army!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

MEET ME AT THE TEA PARTY: This Saturday, August 29, I will be in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, home of the Little League World Series. I will be speaking at their Tea Party protest.

The event starts at 10:30 AM, and features speakers, a band, and a tea dumping ceremony. I’m grateful to the organizers who are making my trip possible, especially Jennifer Barton and our own Tom Anderson. I hope to meet YOU there.  

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