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August 24, 2014

Do You Choose Groping or a Shakedown?



I told Congress to abolish the TSA using's campaign.


Please do the same. You may copy or edit this letter…


Even when the TSA tries to be helpful, it humiliates us. For instance, the TSA's PreCheck program is designed to speed people through security checkpoints.


But passengers have to…


* Pay $85

* Submit to fingerprinting

* Hand over lots of personal information


Why? To avoid removing our shoes, the confiscation of liquids, GROPING, and other useless rules.


Why are we criminal suspects just for wanting to board a plane?




Airlines and airports do not want terrorist attacks. They should compete with each other to implement safe, cost-effective, and CUSTOMER FRIENDLY security policies.


Allow them the freedom to do so, and DON'T impede my right to travel.


Which means…


Abolish the TSA!   




Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


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Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,


Jim Babka

President, Inc.


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