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August 27, 2014

Inevitable Terrorist Attack: Will You Be Manipulated?

Quotation of the Day: “How do wars start? Diplomats lie to reporters and then believe what they read in the newspapers.” — Karl Kraus (Austrian writer, 1874 – 1936)


You should be aware…


So-called “security experts” on Fox News are warning of an impending terrorist attack. These “insiders” claim to know things. Maybe so, but…


The last time our so-called security bureaucracy knew enough to stop a terrorist attack, 9-11 happened. In other words…


Their so-called special knowledge didn't protect anyone. Even worse…


9-11 was used as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Those invasions caused much of the chaos that now dominates the headlines. So here's the question…


Will you be fooled again? Will you be exploited again?


The next time the politicians want to use some incident to scare you into war, will you fall for it?


Will you become hysterical the way all past generations have become hysterical, or will you do the proper thing…


  • Remain calm

  • Oppose war

  • Promote peace

  • Make fun of the fear mongers and the saber-rattlers

  • Share the history lessons that are described in the sample letter to Congress below

  • Deny consent to overseas wars of meddling and aggression


It's important to be intellectually and emotionally immunized against the next precipitating event, because such an event WILL happen. It could even happen tomorrow.


Will you be able to keep your head while others lose theirs?


You can prepare yourself and others by SHARING this message — especially the sample letter to Congress below. Forward this Chronicle to people, then…


Join me in sending a letter to Congress using Downsize DC’s “I Am Not Afraid” campaign. The hard-wired message for that campaign reads…


Our so-called security establishment is constantly trying to manipulate me with scare stories about foreign conflicts and impending terrorist attacks. I want you to know that I am not afraid, and I want you to stop being afraid on my behalf.


I've added to this the following personal comments that you can copy or edit to send your own letter to Congress…


I understand that some kind of new terrorist attack is inevitable. Do the best you can to prevent this using normal police work within the strict limits of the Constitution. I specifically do NOT want you to…


* Spy on me or anyone else without a warrant

* Torture suspects

* Kidnap people and send them to other governments to be tortured

* Imprison foreigners indefinitely without due process

* Murder civilians with drone attacks


More importantly…


You MUST NOT use any terrorist attack as an excuse for military invasions abroad.


Please understand that I know the LONG history of how such “precipitating events” have been used to manipulate Americans into fighting BAD wars. Specifically…


I know that the accidental explosion of the Battleship Maine was used to manipulate Americans into war with Spain. And this was really just a pretext for creating a colonial empire in the Philippines.


I know that the sinking of the supposedly innocent Lusitania was used to manipulate Americans into World War I. But in reality the Lusitania was carrying war munitions in violation of international agreements.  


I know that US involvement in World War I created the conditions that led to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.


I know that FDR imposed an oil embargo on Japan with the hope of inciting a war. Plus, he also sent ships into harm's way in the Atlantic and the Pacific to create another Lusitania event.


I know that FDR and Truman invited the Russians to fight the Japanese in Korea, which created the current evil North Korean government and the resulting Korean War.


I know that the CIA used a fake communist coup in Iran as an excuse to replace a democratically-elected government with an evil dictator. I know that our current problems with Iran stem from that event.


I know that the U.S. government consistently supported evil dictators during the Cold War, creating hatred for America around the globe.


I know that the Gulf of Tonkin incidents were fake attacks that were used to trick Americans into supporting our expanded involvement in Vietnam.


I know that U.S. incursions into Laos and Cambodia created the conditions that led to the Pol Pot genocide.


I know that Saddam Hussein was a U.S. client whom we urged to wage war on Iran. I also know that we gave him the chemical weapons that he used on Iranians and his own people.


I know that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait only after he got a greenlight from the U.S. Ambassador, under instructions from the Secretary of State.


I know that fake satellite photos were used to make the case that Hussein was about to invade Saudi Arabia. This was a crucial part of the manipulation campaign for the first Iraq War.  


I know that the 9-11 attacks were used to manipulate Americans into invading Iraq, even though Iraq had nothing to do with those attacks.


I know that weapons inspectors and un-doctored intelligence reports never really supported the claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. WMDs were just another scare-story designed to manipulate Americans into fighting ANOTHER fraudulent war.


I know that the Taliban and Al Qaeda were born out of our Afghanistan interventions during the Cold War. Now, ISIS is likewise a product of our Iraq intervention.


The above list should make it clear why I will not allow you to use the next “precipitating event” to manipulate me into supporting another treacherous war. Instead…


I specifically deny my consent for you to do any further international meddling. You're lousy at it.  




You can send your own letter to Congress using Downsize DC’s Educate the Powerful System. If you want to copy or edit the sample letter above, just copy-and-paste it into the letter to Congress window you’ll find at


If there are any things in my sample letter that I claim “I know,” but about which you are uncertain, feel free to edit them out.


Please also share this message with your friends. Ask them to join us. Forward this email to them. Then…


Prepare for the next precipitating event. And don't be fooled again.

Perry Willis


Downsize DC

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