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April 23, 2014

Do Your Tax Dollars Help Congressmen Bribe Each Other?

I just sent a letter telling Congress to pass the One Subject at a Time Act.


I urge you to do the same. You may copy or edit this letter…


I'm pleased the Senate passed the DATA Act (, forcing the feds to expose how our money's spent, including revealing contract awards and pork recipients. I urge the House to pass it.


But, the DATA Act will only expose waste AFTER-the-fact.


It won't stop Congressional logrolling, in which you support other members' spending measures in exchange for their support of yours. This is essentially bribery, using my tax dollars. Even with the DATA Act, you'll still waste our money with gigantic, multi-subject “must-pass” spending bills.


Chances are, you really don't care about fiscal responsibility, even if you devote lip-service to it. Chances are, you prefer to care for cronies, instead of representing the people. But…


You can be a real representative by passing the One Subject at a Time Act (HR 2113 and S 1664). Then, Congress would be…


* Unable to combine unrelated bills

* Responsible for every dime spent   


There's no excuse for over-spending. Go regulate yourself! Pass HR 2113/S1664.




Send your letter using's System.


Then, do one or both of these things…


1. We'll send you a copy of your letter, via email, when you're done — so you can easily forward it. Share it with a couple of friends who are likely to agree.


2. After you've sent your letter, you'll be taken to a page where you can make a contribution. Consider starting a micro-pledge of $1, or $5, or more.


Jim Babka

President, Inc. 

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