April 11, 2019

Don’t be a bootlicker; Pardon Assange

Take Immediate Action on behalf of Julian Assange Retweet

The news of Julian Assange’s arrest and charging (by the Dept of Justice) should be disturbing to you, unless you enjoy being a bootlicker. We’re supposed to have a government of the people. You’re the boss, allegedly. And like the world’s worst employee… 

The U.S. Government routinely does bad things, then hides its activities from you, the boss.

As we told you many times, there are FAR TOO MANY SECRETS.

State secrets are, more than 95% of the time, not about national security. They’re about covering up bad behavior or cronyism.

And there’s a name for someone who loves being lied to – bootlicker. Don’t be a bootlicker. Instead, stand up and insist that…

Pardon Julian Assange

Julian Assange started with a simple theory. Conspiracies cannot exist without trust, and that trust between conspirators required absolute secrecy.

People love the platitude, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” But along comes a man who shines light on a conspiracy, and the mob cries for darkness. It’s a point I made, all the back in 2010, in a piece titled…

Freedom Fighters Are Like Antiques

After you read it, don’t forget to take action…

Pardon Julian Assange

Our intent is NOT merely to ask each of you to take this Action with Congress and the President. We want to wage a bigger campaign on Assange’s behalf. That means we must spread the word through advertisement! Yet we’re behind on our monthly fundraising goal, so we cannot afford to launch an ad campaign to get others to join you unless we have new support.

Help build support for Julian Assange

And the support we most need right now is 22 new monthly pledgers. Pledgers give us stability and flexibility to respond quickly to disturbing news such as the arrest of Julian Assange. Please start a monthly pledge, today.

Help build support for Julian Assange

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka, President
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

P.S. Glenn Greenwald writes, “The DOJ says part of what Assange did to justify his prosecution – beyond allegedly helping Manning get the documents – is he encouraged Manning to get more docs for him to publish. Journalists do this with sources constantly: it’s the criminalization of journalism.” Help us reach more people with this message by making a contribution or starting a pledge.

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