April 15, 2019

Did the Deep State blackmail President Trump?

Does the Deep State use FISA courts surveillance to blackmail politicians? Retweet

J. Edgar Hoover spied on and blackmailed politicians and public figures. The FISA courts recreate this bad precedent. Say the magic words “national security” and the FISA courts will hand out a warrant to spy on anyone. The recent scandal about Trump supposedly colluding with Russia is a perfect example. So… 

How much of government policy is set by Deep State bureaucracies using their surveillance power to blackmail politicians? We have no way to know. But it’s common sense that, if you let well-placed bureaucrats spy on citizens and politicians for any purpose, it will end up being used in the worst ways.

There is simply no way to manage and control secret domestic spying. Indeed, too many things have been kept secret from the boss — YOU. Simply…

The spying must END!

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Jim Babka, President
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