April 16, 2019

Is Trump an establishment stooge, or will he…

Pardon Julian Assange Retweet

THANKS to those who sent 1,800+ Pardon Assange letters to Trump and congressional reps. And…

WELCOME to the 20 new DC Downsizers who sent letters. Let’s pour gasoline on the fire by getting 40 more, right now! Contribute here: https://archive.downsizedc.org/contribute/

Today’s Action…

Tell President Trump Pardon Julian Assange

Politicians and bureaucrats leak classified information when it benefits their political position. Even presidents leak. It happens a lot. They never get prosecuted. The establishment news media also publishes leaks. They don’t get prosecuted either. The system even protects the media because they’re a key part of the ruling class. But…

Julian Assange publishes leaks that embarrass the ruling class.
So our rulers want to punish him.

This presents a challenge for President Trump.

Many people thought a vote for Trump was a vote against the establishment. The Assange case tests this belief. Will Trump protect Assange or be an establishment stooge? Trump could protect Assange in two ways. He could…

  1. Instruct the Justice Department to stand down, but this would provide only temporary protection.
  2. He could pardon Assange, in advance of legal action, just as Ford pardoned Nixon.

Trump should do both things, but especially the pardon. But he’s going to require your encouragement to do the right thing.

Assange needs freedom lovers to defend him.

Tell President Trump Pardon Julian Assange

And remember…

Your vote is one among millions, cast every year or two. But your letter to the President (and your congressional reps) will be one among merely hundreds on this issue. You really ought to make a habit of contacting Congress and the President. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do. 

Outreach Report. We’re advertising the Pardon Assange campaign. On top of 20 new DC Downsizers, we’ve generated 77 “invites” on Facebook. In other words, the outreach you’ve funded is expanding our email list and Facebook reach. Both things increase the volume of YOUR VOICE. Let’s make you louder and better heard! The best way to do that is…

Start a pledge

Help find support for Julian Assange. We’ll put every dollar of this month’s pledge into the Pardon Assange advertising.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

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