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June 17, 2007

Getting into the specifics

It’s Sunday. At 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain, and 1 PM Pacific), it will be time for another episode of The Downsize DC Conference Call (radio show).

My guest today will be Ray Nowosielski, the producer and director of 9/11: Press for Truth.

No, this is not a repeat of last week’s show.

This will be a completely different show where we discuss specifics — that is, the specific failures (those thoroughly documented by mainstream sources) — that should result in investigation, firings, and prosecutions.

Yes, these failures in intelligence and potential cover-ups exist. They are not figments of our imagination. They don’t indicate a conspiratorial bent. 

BUT THEY ARE REAL and SUFFICIENT, in and of themselves, to call into question the entire plans of our Monopoly Government to . . . restrict our liberties, invade our privacy, spend our money on expensive and ineffective boondoggles, and take us into preemptive wars that make us more, rather than less safe.
The phone number is 1-800-259-9231. The show email address is “call at DownsizeDC dot org” (if you hit reply to this message, or send a message to our comments address, I will not see it in time for the show — last week, a handful of people did exactly that).

Although the show is played on a handful of stations, the best way to catch the show is to listen online at

The Downsize DC Conference Call is sponsored by and Gun Owners of America, so of course, we’ll have a GOA Update as well.

But the show is mine. The topics and guests are chosen by yours truly. And the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the sponsors.

Happy listening,

Jim Babka
The Downsize DC Conference Call

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