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June 18, 2007

Zombie Immigration

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Subject: The Zombie Immigration bill and REAL ID

It was dead, but now it walks the Earth again. The bloated 700+ page immigration bill that died last week has come back to life. What strange voodoo has re-animiated this corpse? In a word . . .


Or so we hear.

These are legal bribes — bribes with your tax money — pork deals being offered in return for votes.

This sounds about right to us. The immigration bill is hated by so many people for so many different reasons that it’s hard to imagine anything else but bribes that could make it rise from the dead.

So what can you do when your own money is being used against you? All you can do is try to strike fear into the hearts of Congress.

We need to hit Congress all day every day until they submit. Otherwise we’re going to end up with this monstrous immigration bill tied to the REAL ID Act, with some extra goodies you’re going to hate thrown in for bad measure, and all of it bought and paid for against your will out of your taxes.

So we’re switching gears a little bit. Before we were just asking Congress to strip out the REAL ID aspects of the legislation. Now, we want to join with other groups to try and kill this bill outright.

Lot’s of groups have lots of different reasons to oppose this legislation. We don’t agree with all of those reasons, but we do agree that this bill is bad. And, if we beat the bill as a whole we also defeat the REAL ID provisions. This is Plan A — defeat the bill outright. But . . .

We also have a Plan B involving a pending amendment that would remove the REAL ID background checks. Plus, there’s more. But let’s start by asking the Senate to defeat the bill as a whole. We’ll be back tomorrow with more action on this issue, and more things you can say to the Senate.

Tell the Senate you hate the immigration bill. Tell them it’s too big, too expensive, too complicated, and too intrusive. Tell them to vote it down. But most of all . . .

Tell them you’ve heard rumors that earmarks are being offered in return for voting yes on this bill. Tell them you will be very ANGRY if this turns out to be true.

We need to hit this one hard, so let’s get started. You can send your message here.

Now, a special treat for you. Anyone starting a monthly credit card pledge of at least $6, or making a one-time donation of at least $35, will receive by mail a copy of the DVD we think of so highly: “9/11 Press for Truth.” See what it’s all about. Get a copy for yourself.

You can make your contribution here.

Thanks for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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