August 21, 2017

Can we give our One Subject at a Time Act a Facebook face?

How many asked their reps to co-sponsor the One Subject at a Time Act? Retweet

In last week’s plans & progress reports, we informed you…


We need to create a rising tide of pro-OSTA messages flooding into Congress.

447 individual DC Downsizers sent OSTA messages to Congress last week. If you haven’t yet sent your reps a message asking them to co-sponsor OSTA, please do so now. Second…

We need to recruit new people to pressure Congress to pass OSTA.

We want to run this ad on Facebook…  width=

Can you help fund this outreach by doing one of the following…

We’ll report back with the results. In the meantime…

We’re doing the following things…

  • Working to get our other campaigns and blog posts ported over from the old site to the new site
  • Fixing bugs in the new site as DC Downsizers find and report them to us
  • Preparing to re-launch the Downsizer-Dispatch

Please keep the progress coming…

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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