November 7, 2017

Downsize DC is growing in “Flashes”

New features, new tactics, new actions

Actions in this message…

  1. Thank President Trump for slowing the growth of regulation [Retweet]
  2. Spank President Trump for his bad Fed Chair appointment [Retweet]

Read on to see how you can take action!

We recently introduced a new tactic: Flash Campaigns.

These quick campaigns allow us to respond to issues while they’re hot. We can create them rapidly and release them instantly on social media. This takes advantage of the news cycle.

PLUS, our first Flash Campaigns included a NEW FEATURE. We can send letters to the President, not just Congress.

These Flash Campaigns are doing something wonderful…

In week one, a Flash Campaign recruited 8 new DC Downsizers
In week two, three Flash Campaigns recruited 46 new subscribers

We welcome each of you new subscribers to the Downsizer-Dispatch! 

We’re posting these new Flash Campaigns as they’re happening on Facebook. Coming very soon… we will expand to other social platforms, as well.

Our Actions last week included…

Tell President Trump it’s un-American to oppose Catalonia’s secession


Tell your reps to support House Concurrent Resolution 81 – a measure to force a Congressional debate on U.S. involvement in Yemen

Today, we’re sharing two brand new Flash Campaigns, just posted last night! 

PLEASE NOTE: You can click the headline to go DIRECTLY to our website, where you can do the action. We also provide the Facebook link below that.

Thank President Trump for slowing the growth of regulation
Send our thank you letter to President Trump. It describes good things he has done to limit the growth of regulation.
[See reactions or leave a comment on Facebook]

Spank President Trump for his bad Fed Chair appointment
President Trump promised to drain the swamp. But his appointment of Jerome “Jay” Powell as Fed Chair does the exact opposite. Use our system to send the President your protest.
[See reactions or leave a comment on Facebook]

Our goal is to build the Downsize DC Army — to become so large that Congress cannot afford to ignore you. And you can help us increase the size of this “army.” Share this message with others…

  • Forward this email (remove the unsubscribe link below, before you do)
  • Share the Facebook posts, above, on your timeline

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis, Inc.

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