November 6, 2017

Was Adolf Hitler Woodrow Wilson’s “love child?”

November 6ths…

More evidence World War 1 was the greatest mistake in U.S. history

Here are the U.S. wars and interventions we’ve reviewed thus far…

  1. Were early U.S. wars good or bad?
  2. Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese Empire?
  3. Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in World War 1?
  4. How U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union

Four of the articles in the series focus on Woodrow Wilson’s “war to end all wars.” The last two installments dealt with the United State’s entrance into The Great War. This next one and the one that follows deal with how the aftermath was blunderingly handled.

Today’s installment is “How blundering U.S. politicians enabled the rise of Nazi Germany .

This series, by Downsize DC’s own Perry Willis, is not without controversy. We are countering the political establishment’s tales, including the fables taught in state schools. And the closer we get to modern times, the greater the levels of rage we encounter.

I will not repeat the profanity. But we’ve been accused of publishing “revisionist garbage.” And one particularly angry person has claimed, in front of others, that Perry’s sourcing was poor. We’ll leave you to be the judge of that, as you read today’s installment. But please note the impressive number of links and the large reading list at the bottom of the post.

We shouldn’t be surprised by these fits of rage. After all…

War is a sacramental endeavor. To detached observers, the honored dead represent something hallowed which is calculated to be worth far more than their actual lives. To those who lost loved ones, the pointlessness of their deaths is unbearable — especially when cozy myths are available to offer comfort. War isn’t merely the health of The State, it’s a necessary part of a quasi-religious institution founded on violence.

The persons who fought were often brave. Their sacrifices were commonly noble. But politicians are the only ones who’ve truly benefited from the death cult that surrounds the holidays of Memorial Day and Veterans Day. We could and should support the troops… by bringing them home!

And if you stand by us, as we call politicians to account and others hurl abuse at us, then I hope you’ll support our work by making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge.

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