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October 28, 2013

How Progress Is Made

On October 26, thousands came to the Capitol to protest mass surveillance:

It was organized by StopWatching.US.

Stop Watching Us is a transpartisan, cross-ideological coalition of which is proud to be a part. Instead of being marginalized, it received a good deal of mainstream media coverage.

This is progress.

We all know this groundswell of grassroots outrage towards the Surveillance State was instigated by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s leaks.

But this demonstration wouldn’t have happened without you .

For almost a decade, asked you to oppose all kinds of federal snooping. You opposed the Patriot Act and its renewals, the FISA Amendments Act, and the REAL ID Act.   

And you asked your friends to do the same .

Congress wasn’t doing what you demanded. There was too much apathy on the issue. People didn’t know the extent of the abuses.

Before Snowden, you were there fighting the good fight.

YOU helped lay the foundation for the protest through You knew the moral and Constitutional imperatives to protect privacy.

And when Snowden woke millions up from their apathy, you had credibility.

You were the foundation. Your support of helped make this rally possible. Without and other groups working against the Surveillance State, there would have been no resources, no organizations, and no coalition which could organize events like this.

And NOW, Congress is listening . Victory is in sight.

Thank you!

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