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October 29, 2013

Sorry for the technical difficulties last week

Early last week, our server went down right after sending a Chronicle. Another day, some users experienced a broken link in the Chronicle.

We’re sorry for any difficulty this caused.

This happened because…

We’re years behind on upgrading our servers.

We’ve been investing every spare dime in software for the new Zero Aggression Project website. This has left nothing for new equipment. Now, we can’t wait any longer.

  • I just spent $2,480 on three new servers.
  • We’re also investing whatever staff time it will require to get them up and running.

We can’t spare those funds. Yet I have to do this.

  • We are at risk of going dark. Plus…
  • We’ve begun internal testing on our new ZAP software. We’re about to beta-test. We can’t risk having a breakdown during that testing.

So I need your help! I have a sudden $2,480 hole in our already tight budget. Can you help fill this hole with a timely contribution?

We rely on these servers, every day, to send letters to Congress. Therefore, all people who respond with…

  • $10 or more one-time contribution
  • $1 or more monthly, credit-card pledge

…using our online form between now and midnight, October 31, will receive a Downsize DC pen . If you are mailing a check, please request the pen in the memo line.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.

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