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October 2, 2015

How the U.S. went to war with itself in Syria

How the Syria mess was made in America #tlot Retweet

We must reveal what the media hides.

We sent the following op-ed to Congress. We’re sharing it with you, because most Americans are listening to the regime media. They don’t know the facts found in this editorial. Neither do most people in Congress. You can fix this…

I want you to read and learn from the following article…

The Syria Mess was Made In America

by Jim Babka & Perry Willis

President Obama (and Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham) wanted to depose Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad. This meant the U.S. had to support the people fighting Assad.


The people fighting Assad turned out to be ISIS.

U.S. support for ISIS has been demonstrated by a recently declassified Pentagon document. It’s also been confirmed by the former Chief of Defense Intelligence. In other words…

Our politicians were for ISIS…

…before they were against them.

And now our politicians have to pursue a contradictory policy. They want to…

* Fight Assad

* Fight the people who are fighting Assad (ISIS)

But how? Our politicians came up with a simple answer…

REPEAT the mistake that led to ISIS!

Our military and intelligence agencies renewed their search for Syrian moderates. They then armed and trained those “moderates,” and sent them into battle. Here’s what happened…

* Some of them surrendered and joined ISIS

* Still others ran away leaving their weapons behind — ISIS got the weapons

In other words…

Your tax dollars have been used to arm ISIS, on more than one occasion!

And the Pentagon informed Congress last week that — of the thousands of “moderates” we trained to fight both Assad and ISIS — only 4 or 5 individuals remain on our side. Yes, you read that right.

Doesn’t it make you proud!

Now, the conflict is escalating. Russia and Iran are both involved. They oppose ISIS and support Assad, while our own politicians continue their search for mythical moderates.

Here’s what we think…

* The most moderate Syrians have all fled the country as refugees.

* There is no good side in this conflict. There are only bad sides.

* Assad is the lesser of the two evils — Russia and Iran are right about that — but…

* We must not aid Assad because we must never aid dictators.

This analysis leaves only one policy option — NON-INTERVENTION.

This would have been the best policy all along. Non-intervention would have avoided both the Iraq mess and the ISIS problem!

It has always been thus. Most U.S. interventions have made the world worse, NOT better. So when is our “government” going to stop making the world worse?


TAKE ACTION – Knowledge isn’t enough; action is required.

Use our Educate the Powerful System to tell Congress you don’t support a policy of foreign military intervention. Copy, paste and send Congress the op-ed above. We sent it!

Don’t stop there! Educate people about what’s really happening. Your friends and family are not getting this analysis from CNN or Fox, from Newsweek or the New York Times. We must reveal what the media hides. Share this article with others.

In fact, if we raise $2,000 in new contributions and pledges, by 11:59 PM Central time, Sunday, October 4, then we’ll “share it” too. We’ll pay to publish this article. It will appear on at least 65 other websites, reaching an audience of 18 million unique visitors per day. Key members of the national media will also see it. You can contribute using our secure web form.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Co-founders, Downsize DC

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