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October 8, 2015

Why the US should stop bombing people

Why the US should stop bombing people. Retweet

We must reveal what the media hides.

We each sent the following, informative editorial to our representatives in Congress…

U.S. bombings create more enemies than they destroy. Think about it…

* You would hate any foreign power that dropped a bomb on people you love. Foreigners feel the same way.

* Each foe killed is loved by multiple persons. This means that killing one enemy must massively multiply the number of people who hate us.

* The CIA even has a name for this phenomenon – BLOWBACK.

If we killed enemies who invaded our homeland, many would recognize that we were merely defending ourselves against aggression. But things are far less clear when we meddle in foreign disputes.

And things become even more complicated when guerrilla combatants are mixed in with the civilian populace. This is the case in all the places where we’re currently dropping bombs. For instance…

* U.S. forces bombed a hospital in Afghanistan last Saturday, killing 19.

* Saudi Arabia may have used U.S. provided weapons to bomb a wedding party in Yemen last week, killing 131.

This means that thousands of people now hate the U.S. more than they did before. Some of these people might make their way to terrorist cells to continue the cycle of violence.

When do we break our part of that cycle?


If we want to stop creating enemies, we must convince our politicians to stop dropping bombs on people. But the politicians will not be persuaded to do that until enough Americans demand it.

Two things are required…

  • You must tell Congress to stop dropping bombs on people.
  • You must persuade others to do the same.
  • We, Perry and Jim, are taking these actions.

You can send your instructions to Congress using our campaign to Bring Home The Troops. The bombs will not stop falling so long as we maintain armed forces in overseas conflict zones.

Share this message with others…

  • Ask them to consider taking the same action.
  • You can best influence the world by placing new ideas in new minds.

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Co-founders, Downsize DC

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