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January 30, 2014

How You Can Benefit from the New Zero Aggression Website

The new Zero Aggression website launches tomorrow.

It's a big site — so big that it will take a few weeks to conduct a tour of the whole thing. We'll start tomorrow with the home page.

The home page is our heuristics page. We told you a bit about that yesterday. Today, we want to describe it further. Remember…

A heuristic — pronounced hyoo-RIS-tic — is a simple principle that leads to quick, accurate decisions.

The homepage currently has 39 of these heuristics, and more are in the works.

Each heuristic is a short article represented by an icon. Click on an icon, and the text of the heuristic will appear. You can read them in order or jump around. Taken together…

Our heuristics contain the essential knowledge of a whole shelf of books, yet each averages only 130 words.

Here's the benefit to you…

  • There's no longer any need to read or lend books to share your philosophy.
  • You'll no longer have to send people long articles to explain basic points.
  • You can now learn (or teach) the whole Zero Aggression philosophy in a matter of minutes.
  • You can share our heuristics through social media, email them to friends, or link to them when you leave comments on blogs.
  • When you engage in online debates, you can use our heuristics to make your points in a highly efficient way, while also promoting the Zero Aggression website.
  • You'll recruit others to join you in promoting the Zero Aggression philosophy, and…
  • They will serve as vectors to reach many more new minds.

Have you ever wanted a single place you could send people for simple explanations of your beliefs?

We think our heuristics page will meet that need. But it's important to understand that this powerful new tool is just one part of a larger strategy.

We want to cause a paradigm shift in how our ideas are presented to the public.

The old paradigm used a “war of competing studies.” You have policy research proving a point. I have the work of some think tank that refutes your study. It's study versus study.

Such practical arguments have their place. They can have an important impact. But these policy debates have one big flaw…

If someone had overwhelming evidence that large-scale coercion by The State would bring increased health, wealth, and happiness, would you suddenly become an advocate of state coercion?

We hope the answer is no! But…

If you're unwilling to abandon your principles because of someone else's study, why should you expect the other person to do so?

There has to be a better way! And we think that way is…

The Morality Approach

We want to argue from moral principles that EVERYONE already supports.

And we want to point out that many people are living lives of contradiction, by allowing The State to violate these principles.

This awareness will cause emotional pain. And as any great salesman can tell you, that's the first step to getting a new customer. We think moral arguments can persuade, where other approaches have only led to “hot air” arguments.

Tomorrow, you'll begin to see what we have in mind. As you review this new approach, ask yourself this…

  • Do you want to be a part of this paradigm shift?
  • Do you want to add your name to it?

If you do, then time is short to join the Founders Committee for the Zero Aggression Project.

At the end of February the Zero Aggression Founder's Committee will close.

If you want to be listed as a Founder on the new site as a Founder — FOREVER — please make a contribution or start a monthly pledge. Please take note…

  • You'll be listed in rank order, according to the size of your support
  • And monthly pledges count for their annual value (x12 installments)
  • Current pledgers are already listed, as are those who have contributed specifically to this project in the past

You can join the Founders Committee here, using the secure contribution form at the Downsized DC Foundation.

We hope you decide to join the Founders Committee, if you haven't already. And we hope you like what you see tomorrow.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
The Zero Aggression Project

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