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January 29, 2014

The new Zero Aggression website launches on Friday!

The website for our new Zero Aggression Project will launch on Friday!

  • This message will give you an overview of what this site will do for you
  • Tomorrow, we'll drill-down on the first set of tools this new site will provide
  • Friday we'll show you the site itself

At the end of February the Zero Aggression Founder's Committee will close.

If you want to be listed on the new site as a Founder — FOREVER — please make a contribution or start a monthly pledge. Please take note…

  • Your name will be listed on the site according to the size of your support
  • Monthly pledges count for their annual value (x12 installments)
  • Current pledgers are already listed, as are those who have contributed to this project in the past

You can join the Founders Committee here, using the secure contribution form at the Downsized DC Foundation.

The Zero Aggression Project will give you…

  • A heuristics page full of extremely short, powerful ideas
  • A tool you can use to discover people who already agree with you
  • A tool you can use to track how people respond to your beliefs!

Let’s look at each part in more detail…

The Heuristics Page

Have you ever wanted a place you could send people for simple explanations of your beliefs? Our new Heuristics Page will give you that. Remember, a heuristic — pronounced hyoo-RIS-tic — is a simple principle that leads to quick, accurate decisions. Imagine…

  • A page full of icons
  • Click on an icon and you'll see a simple explanation of a powerful, life-changing idea
  • Click on another icon and another idea will appear

Your benefit?

  • You can use this page to help people think heuristically
  • This will make them less vulnerable to the regime media and political con-men
  • That's a big step toward getting more of what you want

But that's not all…

What if you could gain the help of people who already agree with you?

There are already millions of people who agree with you on multiple issues, but…

  • You don't know who they are
  • And none of them are organized to help you cause the change you seek

The Zero Aggression Project will help to solve both problems. Our approach is simple. To discover people who agree with you, ASK THEM!


  • Emailing people simple poll questions
  • People click on an answer and get brought to the Zero Aggression website

If they…

  • DISAGREE with the ZAP position, then we share educational information
  • AGREE with the ZAP position, then we ask them to join us by signing a petition

YOU get to…

  • QUICKLY discover people who already agree with you
  • EASILY recruit them to join you
  • PLUS , those who disagree will be exposed to counter-arguments based on powerful heuristics like the Zero Aggression Principle.

And there's more. Imagine that you could…

  • Create your own Zero Aggression prospect list
  • Email poll questions to the people on your list
  • See the answers that come back
  • See how those who disagree revise their answers as they evaluate our counter-arguments

Can you see how the pieces fit together? Do you want these new tools? Well, make sure you read the Chronicle over the next two days as we launch this new effort. And please consider joining the ZAP Founders Committee if you haven’t already.

Thank you for your support.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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