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January 28, 2014

Our Iran message made some people angry

We got angry reactions to our Iran message last week. Some people unsubscribed. We’ll have to forward them this Chronicle, so they can read our response. Frankly, we find the whole thing odd…

We’ve written about Iran many times over the years. We’ve always advocated the same position and made the same arguments…

We think the history of U.S. interventions teaches a clear lesson. Our wars have done more harm than good. A war with Iran would be no different.

War expands The State at the expense of security and freedom. We are pro-government and anti-state. Therefore, we must oppose anything that strengthens The State. This means we must oppose war, and we have always done so. For instance…

Our Truth About War website argued against the Iraq invasion. We predicted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. We were right. The war mongers were wrong. Yet…

Some people now accuse us of being naive about Iran. Well, Iran is likewise oppressed by a State, and we trust that State as little as we trust our own. We think the naivety runs in the other direction. American war mongers naively trust the American State, in spite of its bad track record with just about everything it touches, from the Iraq war to Obamacare.

None of these arguments are new for us. So why did we get a negative reaction this time? Here’s one possibility…

We neglected to include a link demonstrating that U.S. intelligence has repeatedly said that Iran has no nukes. So, here's a link: .

We seem to be repeating history….

  • The reports of the weapons inspectors indicated that Iraq had NO WMDs
  • Intelligence reports today indicate that Iran has NO nuclear weapons program

So here’s the question we would ask those who wrote us angry missives…

Can you learn from history, or are you doomed to repeat it?

Will you repeat the mistake you made with Iraq, or will you learn to distrust the war mongers?

And to those who have already rejected the siren song of war, please consider this…

Telling the truth comes at a cost. If you appreciate our stance, please help us maintain it by making a month-end contribution to

Even better, start a monthly pledge.

Many thanks to those who make our work possible.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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