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September 26, 2016

How you can take advantage of politicians eager to please before Election Day

Downsize DC seeks record 20th sponsor for its One Subject at a Time Act Retweet

Many members of Congress are at home campaigning (pandering?) for your vote. This doesn’t mean their Capitol Hill offices are dark. In fact…

This might be the best time to have your voice heard on an issue that matters to you. There are fewer messages being sent to Congress right now, and a good chance that your request might be forwarded to the campaign staff as a suggestion for winning votes. With that in mind…

Please send your reps a message about our One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA). The hardwired message for that campaign reads…

I want my representatives to co-sponsor Downsize DC’s “One Subject at a Time Act” in the House (HR 4335) and the Senate (S. 1572).

Don’t send this message if your Senator is Rand Paul (who introduced our bill in the Senate), or your rep is on this list of current co-sponsors…

  • Florida: Dennis Ross [15]
  • Georgia: Doug Collins [9], Barry Loudermilk [11]
  • Idaho: Raul Labrador [1]
  • Iowa: Rod Blum [1]
  • Kansas: Kevin Yoder [3]
  • Kentucky: Thomas Massie [4]
  • Maryland: Andy Harris [1]
  • Minnesota: Tom Emmer [6]
  • New Mexico: Stevan Pearce [2]
  • North Carolina: Mark Walker [6]
  • Ohio: Jim Jordan [4]
  • Oklahoma: Jim Bridenstine [1]
  • South Carolina: Mick Mulvaney [5]
  • Texas: John Ratcliffe [4]
  • Utah: Mia Love [4], Chris Stewart [2]
  • Virginia: Dave Brat [7]

You can copy or edit the following text for your personal comments…

Eighteen House members and one Senator are already sponsoring this bill. You could win some extra votes by becoming sponsor number 20. Surely your constituents would like hearing that you believe…

– All bills should be simply titled and confined to one topic

– All proposals should pass or fail based only on their own merits

– Unpopular bills should NOT be passed by clustering them with unrelated measures

I will be interested to see if you seize this opportunity to impress the citizens you hope to represent in the next Congress.


Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC

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