September 25, 2018

Are you immune to media mind control?

Are you a victim of Agenda Setting Theory and the Viguerie Rule? Retweet

Richard Viguerie, the famous Republican direct-mail fundraiser, claimed he couldn’t raise money for an issue unless it was featured on the nightly news. We call it the Viguerie Rule. It aligns perfectly with something called Agenda Setting Theory — the media decides what issues will be discussed, and we all follow along, led by the nose. 

Even libertarians!

Most libertarians claim immunity from media mind control. They’re fooling themselves. The Viguerie Rule also applies to their activism. For instance, it’s much easier to get people to pressure Congress on topics that are in the news (but of little actual importance) than it is to prompt action on long-range issues that really matter. So this is the problem we face…

What motivates people psychologically is not useful strategically, and what is useful strategically does not motivate people psychologically. Said differently…

It may be easy to motivate people to do pointless things, but difficult to bring about useful action.

We aim to solve this conundrum. But we shouldn’t be alone. You should be concerned about it too. Do you want to…

Squander your energies on useless actions, dictated to your subconscious mind by the regime media?
Focus on important things in direct opposition to media desires?

One way you can “declare your independence from media agenda setting and the Viguerie Rule” is to open every Downsizer-Dispatch message and do every Action you agree with.

Today’s action is your September letter to Congress on behalf of the…

One Subject at a Time Act

Then, press Reply, and email us with the news you’ve made this commitment!

You can also help us free more people from media mind control. Start a monthly pledge or make a one-time donation to fund our recruitment advertising.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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  1. christopher scallio
    Posted September 27, 2018 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    TV & Talk Radio has endlessly covered Kavanaugh without covering him at all! Tabloid coverage is all. So since DC Downsizer has got me looking into the 4th A, I figured that I’ll see how Kavanaugh measures up since the NSA spying will have to soon come before the Supremes. 1) A Maryland Law for DNA Collection of arrested persons is VOLUNTARY according to the written law. Police take detainees DNA property without probable cause or warrant and only collect it to store it and share it worldwide, and not as evidence in a case. Md. Dec. of Rights Art. 26 is comparable to the 4th A, but the case was not brought as a 4th A, but as a Md. Art. 26. Kavanaugh contorted and ruled in gov’t favor based on 4th A which was not the issue. 2) A policeman slams a man against a wall to search him, finds a pistol and arrests him. Lawyer says the search was an unreasonable search because the officer had no probable cause. Kavanaugh ruled that police searches are always reasonable. Thanx for stop & frisk Kavanaugh! Sonamayor is the strongest on the 4th A right now. Probably because she’s a criminal apologetic. But she’s the weakest on 1st A religious liberties.

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