September 27, 2018

The Libertarian enemies list

Just because Nixon had an enemies list doesn’t mean we can’t have one too 😉 Retweet

Progress is impossible if we focus on the wrong things. Too many people think politicians are the key problem. But politicians are only a symptom, which is why they only rank as number three on our libertarian enemies list. In reality…

The media determines who rules us by dictating the range of acceptable choices. Then half the people don’t vote, while the other half votes for the contender they fear the least. But these “choices” are still media-dictated. This makes the media libertarian enemy number two! BUT…

Many people, including most libertarians, will loudly proclaim that the media doesn’t control their actions, and by so doing they identify the real Libertarian Enemy Number One

Human psychology! Your psychology. Our psychology. Our self-flattering belief that the media doesn’t control our actions is delusional. It’s the blue pill that holds us in perpetual servitude to our statist media masters.

So what is the red pill that will set your mind free?

It’s a mixture of things. But only the first ingredient is hard to obtain. You must admit that you are a slave, that your mind is in fact controlled in subtle but powerful ways by the statist regime media. This will be hard. Your ego will balk at the admission. You will argue, and try to persuade both yourself and us that you are not really a slave.

We understand! We’ve been there. We continue to go through the same painful process ourselves.

So what can we do to help you? We can only point out the red-pill-truths that bust the blue-pill-myths.

  • Blue-pill-myth #1: Most Americans reject libertarian ideas. Red-pill-truth: We collect opinion polls. On most issues most of the time, the majority takes the libertarian position.
  • Blue-pill-myth #2: Very few Americans are libertarians. Red-pill-truth: Between 30 and 60 million Americans are libertarians of some type (small government, limited state, or voluntaryist), though nearly all of them are psychologically controlled by the media.
  • Blue-pill-myth #3: The Left and Right outnumber libertarians. Red-pill-truth: There are almost as many self-identifying libertarians as there are people on the Left and Right. The difference is that the Left and Right are highly-organized, active, and (thanks to the regime media) visible, while most libertarian are scattered, dormant, and invisible.
  • Blue-pill-myth #4: Libertarians need a majority to prevail. Red-pill-truth: A mere 10 million organized and active libertarians would be enough to gain visibility parity with the Left and the Right, while also gaining potential electoral control of either the Democratic or Republican primaries.
  • Blue-pill-myth #5: Congress doesn’t care what you think. Red-pill-truth: Congress will bow to almost anything as long as the pressure is intense and persistent. Example: Most politicians are pro-immigration and pro-free trade, as are most Americans. But Congress is slowly bowing to the nativist minority because their pressure is intense and persistent.

Here’s the ultimate red-pill-truth, an organized force ranging from 200,000 to 5 million would be enough to…

  • Make Congress regulate itself through bills such as Downsize DC’s One Subject at a Time, Act, Read the Bills Act, etc.
  • Compel the major media to give libertarians the same coverage they currently bestow to the Left and Right.
  • Render most tyrannical state dictates unenforceable through jury nullification and initiatives that would deny the use of local police resources to enforce higher level dictates.

In other words…

  • Locating and activating between 200,000 and 10 million libertarians would allow us to execute a whole series of tactics that would make us truly competitive with the Left and Right.
  • Locating and activating 10 million people out of 30-60 million currently dormant libertarians is doable.

It just depends on getting libertarians to take the red pill, so we can start focusing on the correct things, instead of letting the statist media lead us around by the nose.

Here’s what we need from you…

Step one: Donate money so we can locate and activate dormant libertarians. This is now our main focus!!!


Step two: Relentlessly execute the tactic that requires the fewest number of libertarians. Intensely and persistently pressure Congress. Today that means asking them to…

Pass Downsize DC’s Read the Bills Act

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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