August 20, 2018

Are there really 30-60 million libertarians?

The evidence (based on 245 million adult Americans) and analysis are below. We aim to find and activate 10 million of them. If you’re libertarian, please subscribe.

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But there are also studies that exceed 60 million…

  • American National Election Studies has counted libertarians equal to 25% of the populace = 61 million
  • Numerous Gallup surveys have found 20-27% libertarians = 49-66 million
  • A Zogby study found that a whopping 44% (108 million) have libertarian views on the issues and don’t object to being described by that label
  • Decades of experience with people taking Nolan Chart quizzes support these estimates.

Are these people the same kind of libertarian you are?

We think there are three types…

  • Small government libertarians hold the correct positions on enough issues to score libertarian on a Nolan Chart quiz. Rand Paul and Gary Johnson are examples. We think these libertarians number in the tens of millions.
  • Limited-state libertarians think The State should be limited to police, courts, and national defense. There’s a reason to believe there are a half-million of these.
  • Voluntaryist libertarians think governance can be provided without a State or taxation. Voluntaryists probably number in the tens of thousands.

All these libertarians can help move America in a libertarian direction.

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Do you want that?

Downsize DC is working to FIND and ACTIVATE 10 million of these 30-60 million adults. That population size is within shooting distance of what the Left and the Right have, but those two groups are already FOUND and ACTIVATED.

Only the libertarian population is dormant and apathetic.

You can help us change that by subscribing to Downsize DC! Please understand…

It doesn’t matter what strategy you prefer for taming the leviathan state — elections, initiatives, jury nullification, civil disobedience — all of them require more active libertarians. Personally, we want to see all of these strategies pursued. But we focus on pressuring Congress for three reasons…

  1. It’s one of the easiest actions you can take, and therefore one of the quickest ways to mobilize a dormant libertarian.
  2. It will take far fewer people to influence Congress than replace Congress.
  3. Using Downsize DC to activate libertarians could build the constituency you need to win on Election Day.

The libertarian population is a sleeping giant. Please help us wake the giant. Subscribe to Downsize DC right now!

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  1. William
    Posted January 18, 2019 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    After I read Atlas Shrugged and subscribed to The Objectivist Newsletter in 1968 which had about 20,000 subscribers, I envisioned that each would be able to “recruit” another to the cause and half expected Objectivists to grow exponentially! That didn’t happen! There should have been 10 million in ten years.
    Now students for liberty and young americans for liberty are growing exponentially in the colleges, reading libertarian movement books, on over 1000 campuses with the promise to keep growing forever or at least years to come. This appears to be a more practical, tangible, plausible way to grow to the numbers necessary to replace the existing establishment which has no defensible ideology whether on the left or the right. Both SFL and YAL assert that each is the fastest growing movement and both are connected to the libertarian pro individual freedom network.

    I am sure that current participants in the SFL and YAL organizations, which number in the hundreds of thousands already, would consider themselves to be in the libertarian movement.
    I wish both your efforts here at Downsize and SFl and YAL success as both will grow until the best ideas prevail, which is to say, in politics: laissea faire capitalism.

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