August 17, 2018

New Jim Babka PODCAST says libertarians suck!

How libertarians can win; Jim Babka explains in this podcast Retweet

Wait, did Jim Babka really suggest that libertarians suck in his newest podcast? Well… 

To be clear, he said DC Downsizers are NOT included.

But we had something frustrating and strange happen last week. And I encouraged Jim to use the next episode of his Post-Statist Review to address it.

Here’s the issue in a nutshell…

Our recruitment advertising is targeted at libertarians. But [don’t miss this] it’s also set to exclude people who will hate our ads. We were stunned when two of our ads created more angry comments (to us) than new letters written to Congressional “representatives.”

Jim covers the dirty details in his podcast. Even more important…

Jim explains how libertarians can win, right now, if only they wouldn’t suck.

This is no minor issue. Libertarians have to be a bit different than the world they’re trying to reform.

This is also the first episode to have four topics. Experts tell us that the average work commute is about 22 minutes. This episode comes in at 45 minutes, so it’s perfectly-timed for your round trip!

The other topics…

  • Are the questions in the Political Conscience Test biased? Host Howard opens the mailbag and Jim responds.
  • Donald Trump’s punitive tariff plan. Is this a case of 4-D chess? Gary Nolan joins Jim for this segment.
  • You can’t un-hear something once you’ve heard it. So can we make Congress hear the Zero Aggression Principle loud and clear? And if so, what “non-Pollyanna” things could actually happen as a result?

We post each episode on the Downsize DC website. The podcast has moved to Libsyn, starting with this edition. We hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast. You’ll get the new episodes first if you do. It can also be heard on Apple, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Enjoy the show.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis
Downsize DC

P.S. The previous episode (July 25) can be found here:

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