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September 22, 2015

Is Downsize DC wrong about what’s important?

Do Americans focus on the wrong things? Do libertarians? Is everyone led around by the media? #tlot Retweet

Here’s what America obsessed about last week…

  • Who had the best one liners in a presidential debate
  • A boy who got arrested for building a clock

Meanwhile, there’s little to no national debate about…

Downsize DC thinks these issues — ISIS and Iran — are vastly more important than what’s actually being discussed. And we’re curious…

Who do you think is MORE right about what’s important — Downsize DC or the American people?

We want to hear from you. Specifically, do you think that

  • Americans focus on the right things?
  • The media sets the agenda for what Americans discuss?
  • You’re influenced by media agenda setting?
  • Libertarians are better than others at avoiding media influence?
  • Downsize DC is right to want to focus on ISIS and Iran instead of headlines?

Please give us your answers to these questions in one of the following places (whichever forum works best for you)…

We’ll be reading all the comments at these places. In fact, we’re hoping to start a conversation throughout the web. So…

Please share this message with all of your libertarian friends and in libertarian forums.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Co-founders, Downsize DC

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