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September 17, 2015

The EPA steals $40,000 a day from one man. Who will be next?

EPA robs Wyoming man. Will the EPA’s crimes go unpunished? Retweet

Crime-fighting should be government’s job one. But what can be done when government itself commits crimes?

This conundrum is perhaps the key flaw in all statist thinking. If government regulation is so freaking important, then how come government itself is UNregulated?

Some people claim the Constitution controls government. But how often does the government punish itself for violating its own rules?

In truth, the Constitution regulates very little, because there is no enforcement mechanism. So the problem remains — government is unregulated and often commits crimes that go unpunished.

The EPA provides us with two recent examples. These cases are described in the sample letter to Congress below. Please write Congress to protest these crimes!

You can do that using our campaign against government criminality. The hardwired message for that campaign reads…

I deny my consent to government criminality.

You can add to that by copying or editing the following sample letter…

I specifically object to two recent violations by the EPA. The first one made national news…

The EPA dumped tons of toxins into Colorado’s Animas River. Do I exaggerate by calling this a crime? I think not. It clearly violated the EPA’s own regulations. In addition…

Remember when Exxon or BP polluted bodies of water? The screaming and political grandstanding went on for months. But what do we get when our so-called government is to blame? I hear crickets chirping.

This is made all the worse when we see how the EPA breaks the law to bully citizens. Which brings me to crime number two…

The Clean Water Act expressly prohibits the EPA from regulating small ponds created by ranchers to water livestock. But the EPA violated this law in the case of Andy Johnson of Wyoming.

Mr. Johnson had state and local approval for his livestock pond. That’s all he needed, because the EPA has no legal power to regulate such ponds. But now the EPA is fining Johnson $40,000 per day, until or unless he rips out his pond.

This EPA action violates the Clean Water Act. It also threatens to rob hundreds of thousands of dollars from Andy Johnson. We must NOT judge the government by a laxer standard than the government applies to citizens. The EPA is committing a crime.

I want you to write back and tell me that you’ve taken action to protect Mr. Johnson, and others like him, from the EPA. I will be watching to see what you do in this matter.


You can send your letter to Congress with our “easy-to-use” Educate the Powerful System.

Please share this message with others, and ask them to take action too.

Please support our work by making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge.

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Co-founders, Downsize DC

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