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November 21, 2005

Is the RTBA “taking off?”

When we launched the Read the Bills Act (RTBA), we said we’d know we were on to something when articles and talk-shows started talking about it with no prompting from us. As it turns out, that happened almost immediately. As soon we announced we were drafting the bill a well-known former Reagan aide wrote a column about it. Now it’s happened again. Mike Davis and Michael Gilson, Florida Libertarians, have written an article urging their fellow party members to make the “Read the Bills” proposal the centerpiece of their efforts.

As a former LP-member myself, I know Libertarians favor dramatically smaller government, as do many conservatives, Constitutionalists, and liberals who advocate decentralized power structures and civil liberties. But Davis and Gilson think “Read the Bills” should be a centerpiece issue for their party. They see its potential as a unifying cause and recruitment tool.

DC Downsizer Walt Augustinowicz is also mentioned in the piece. Walt recently accompanied me to Capitol Hill where we met with his representative and senators. On top of that, he got columns written about his trip, both before and after. Both of these articles were very positive. They were carried in every edition and read all-over Sarasota!

I get a special delight out of unsolicited reporting like this piece by Davis and Gilson. Every instance of unsolicited coverage is a sign that RTBA is taking off.

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