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November 15, 2011

Kaye Beach: a REAL ID Victim

Quote of the Day: “When my driver’s license expired, I realized the state was not

going to protect us and so I opted against renewing my license.” – Kaye


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Today I sent a letter telling my

Representative and Senators to repeal the REAL ID Act. I encourage you to do the same.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

An Oklahoma woman named Kaye Beach refused a REAL ID-compliant drivers license,

primarily on religious grounds. Even though she has no criminal record, her inability to use a

state-issued ID means she is now denied . . .

* prescription medications
* hotel rooms
* use of a debit card
* and a PO box

She is suing the state for its refusal to accommodate her religious beliefs, protected under the

Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act. 

She is also suing the state for violating her right to keep her personal and unique biometric

measurements and identification private, per Article II, Section 30 of the Oklahoma

Constitution, which is VERY similar to the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.

I support her, and believe Congress should as well by repealing the REAL ID Act.

Unfortunately, some in Congress are taking the opposite position. Rep. Sensenbrenner, for

instance, wants to PUNISH citizens of non-complying states by denying them the right to fly or

enter federal buildings. He is actually PROUD of this. (

Sensenbrenner’s position is at odds with the Constitution, conscience, and even common sense . .


* The Constitution neither requires the states to issue ID’s, nor does it authorize Congress to

regulate them
* There are many persons, like Kaye Beach, who believe that this identity scheme was spoken of

in Biblical prophecy, and that taking it condemns them
* Forcibly enrolling innocent citizens in a federal criminal database makes us MORE vulnerable

to identity theft and is a warrantless invasion of privacy
* Terrorists won’t be inconvenienced by getting a REAL ID, but ordinary citizens such as the

elderly or people who have changed their names may encounter great difficulty

Are now living in a totalitarian State in which people must “show their papers” (or

ID) in order to travel or make purchases? Aren’t we becoming the kind of nation we condemned

during the Cold War?

Please don’t be responsible for creating more victims like Kaye Beach. Be a leader. Defend the

Constitution and individual liberty. Repeal REAL ID!


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

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Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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I’ll be joined by Maurice A. Thompson, an attorney

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Thompson was instrumental, in several ways, to the success of Ohio’s Healthcare Freedom

Amendment, a statewide initiative on last week’s ballot to protect Ohioans from the Obamacare

mandates. Now, his group is leading the charge on the Workplace Freedom Amendment, a potential

2012 initiative to end the practice of forced union participation in Ohio.

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