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September 4, 2012

Leveraging Congress

Quote of the Day: “Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I will move the earth.” – Archimedes

A lever is a simple tool. It magnifies energy. It empowers you to do more with less effort. We must learn to use levers, because The State uses levers against us.

The State’s main lever is threats of violence – “Do what we say or we will hurt you!

Rigged rules are another statist lever.

Politicians rig the rules to create perverse incentives. These incentives make it easy for The State to grow, and hard for you to fight that growth.  Partisan electoral politics is one example of these rigged rules. Playing by these rules makes for heavy lifting. So…

We need our own rules and our own levers.

How many other organizations address the problem of incentives? What other organization gives you levers to make your lifting easier?  This is why we created, and our Downsize DC Agenda bills – Read the Bills, Write the Laws, and One Subject at a Time.

This is also why we are going to RE-FOCUS Downsize DC to aim mainly at these bills, which we’re now calling our LEVERS.

We’re re-doing our website and our tactics to make this happen.

We want to wedge these proposals under Congress’s backside and then LIFT!  

Passing these bills will level the playing field. It may even tilt in our direction. We call this application of leverage The Referee Principle. It works like this…

“If can you can write the rules and referee the game, betting on the outcome becomes a sure thing.”

This principle is currently benefiting the statists. Do you want it to work for you instead?

We think we can make this happen by having Downsize DC focus on our LEVERS, including The Free Competition in Currency Act, The Fiscal Responsibility Act, and Cap the Debt.

We’ll add to this list over time. Each new proposal will tend to…

  • Alter the rules and incentives in YOUR favor.
  • Be populist and transpartisan.

TOWARD THIS END – a national transparency organization is meeting with me today to discuss the Read the Bills Act. They asked for this meeting. This is another benefit derived from my recent trip to Capitol Hill. I hope you can see that…

We’re making lots of progress!

But there’s so much more to do. And I need your help to do it. Last month we focused on our new Zero Aggression Project. But this month we need to focus on re-orienting, and creating our new “open rebellion” site – DENY CONSENT.

Here’s how you can LEVERAGE one contribution to do both things. You can help us fund our RE-FOCUSING of by becoming a Founder of our other new project – DENY CONSENT.

To become a DENY CONSENT Co-Founder . . .

  • Use the secure form at
  • Contribute $100 or more, one-time, or…
  • Start a monthly credit card pledge for $10 or more
  • Founders are ranked by gift size. Pledges are annualized in that calculation.

Or, because we want to make it possible for everyone to participate…

Become an Associate Founder by…

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis, Inc.

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