January 14, 2019

Introducing the Libertarian Census & The Plan

Today may be a historic occasion. Future generations may come to view it as the day things started to change in a BIG WAY! This message introduces two important subjects…

The Libertarian Census is the key to executing The Plan, and this message will give you the first segment of that plan, an executive summary of what the rest of The Plan contains. You’ll get additional installments in the days ahead. Your task?

Decide if you want to participate!

  • Do you want to help execute the Libertarian Census and The Plan?
  • Do you want to help achieve a libertarian America in the next ten years?

What do we mean by a libertarian America?

A libertarian America can mean…

  1. Most laws and institutions are more libertarian than not. We call this small-government libertarianism.
  2. The State has been confined to constitutional limits. We call this limited-state libertarianism.
  3. No institution of governance threatens or initiates aggressive violence. Violence is only used defensively. We call this voluntaryism or post-statism.

You can travel with us to whichever destination best suits you. We will keep driving towards the third definition. Our preferred goal means that many existing agencies could continue to exist, provided they don’t initiate force.

Most libertarian groups want to abolish state institutions. We just want to change their behavior.

Our approach applies the key libertarian idea – the Zero Aggression Principle: Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically. So…

Remove the aggression! If an agency can function without it, there’s no reason to abolish it.

  • Make Social Security opt-in/opt-out.
  • Let doctors and patients opt-in or out of FDA approval.
  • The Pentagon and HUD can be as large as their voluntary patrons want them to be.

We would only abolish agencies for which initiated force is inherent, such as the DEA and the BATFE.

Our approach requires no great leaps, yet it achieves profound change. It will generate less resistance and appear more practical, making it easier to sell.

But you may decide you only want to go part of the way, to a small-state or a limited-state. That’s fine. The Libertarian Census and The Plan can take you there.

So this is your chance to become a part of this historic effort.

The Libertarian Census will start by locating the 30 million Americans who already self-identify as libertarian. We think this first step is as simple as asking people “Are you a libertarian?” We will do this first with internet advertising, then phone calls, then door-to-door canvassing.

The Libertarian Census will continue by finding the additional 30 million Americans who hold mostly libertarian positions on the issues.

We will, at every step of the way, use The Plan to activate some of these people to do libertarian work. 8-13 million active libertarians should be enough to create a libertarian America. The reasons for this will become more and more clear as you read future installments.

Goal: Raise $252,000, mostly in monthly pledges, to capitalize this effort.

If you start a monthly pledge of $10 or more, or increase an existing monthly pledge so that it’s $10 or more, or make one-time contributions of $100 or more, we’ll add you to a Founders Committee roster on the coming Libertarian Census website.

The Founders Committee roster will be listed in order of contribution size. Donate here!

And stayed tuned for the next installment of The Plan!

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-founders of Downsize DC
Co-creators of the Zero Aggression Project
Co-authors of The Plan
Co-creators of the Libertarian Census

Disclaimer: Neither Downsize DC Foundation (home of the Zero Aggression Project) nor DownsizeDC.org, Inc. participates in political campaigns, nor do they support, endorse, or oppose candidates for public office or specific political parties, nor does this article suggest they intend to change their policies. The Plan is a publication authored by Perry Willis and Jim Babka. The views expressed above are their own — they’re not necessarily the opinions of the board and staff of Downsize DC.

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