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November 30, 2006

New growth number

Here is today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

Our growth continues daily. We’ll share all of the statistics for November in a day or so, but there’s one number we want to share today.

Subscriptions to the Downsizer-Dispatch are at an all-time high: 23,820. This number is perhaps the most important indicator we track of our growth. This all-time record means we’re succeeding in our efforts to, incrementally, build a force so large that Congress cannot afford to ignore it. Thanks to our supporters, next month it will be bigger.

But we share this number now because today is the LAST DAY to show continued progress in another area. We need $2,312 to meet out monthly budget for the fourth month in a row.

That works out to about 10 cents per person reading this. Closing the gap today would require just . . .

* 462 at $5, or . . .
* 231 at $10, or . . .
* 154 at $15.01
* 115 at $20.10
* 92 at $25.13
* 66 at $35.03
* 46 at $50.26
* 31 at $74.58
* 23 at $100.52
* 9 at $256.89
* 5 at $462.40
* 2 at $1,156
* 1 at $2,312

If you possibly can, choose an amount that’s right you and make your contribution HERE.

Now while every bit helps, let’s be honest: We almost certainly won’t get 462 contributions in response to today’s email. And so I feel compelled to share an interesting phenomenon with you.

We’re getting lots of contributions of the $5, $10, and $15 variety. And many of them come with a note that says something like, “I wish I could give more.” We hear of unemployment, seniors on fixed incomes, students, and people just starting out. Some say it’s all they have to give. Others promise more as their situation improves. All say we’re doing “awesome” work.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for their sacrifice. Words don’t suffice. Clearly they believe in what we’re doing.

But you have the opportunity to honor them. Perhaps you could contribute the amount they dream they could give. You can make your contribution HERE.

And if you make an online, credit card donation at our normal contributions page (linked above) then I’m going to offer and promise something very unusual.

Every donation to our online contribution form generates an email notification for me. I still have all the emails from people who’ve sacrificially given. If you were inspired to do what they cannot do — give an even greater amount — or perhaps you reached deep and gave a matching amount just because you were inspired, then use the appropriate box on the online form to leave a comment saying so.

When you do that, I’ll share your first name, personal message, and the amount, via email, with all of the folks who provided that inspiration — who gave sacrificially this month and told us about it . . . BUT ONLY IF YOU LEAVE ME A COMMENT SAYING YOU WERE INSPIRED (if you’d prefer to remain private in your giving, just leave the comment blank).

Remember, today is the LAST DAY to meet the November goal and you can do so HERE.

For those who’ve given this month and those about to give, our Downsize DC team says, “Thank you very much.”

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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