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August 30, 2011

New improvements to Your Toolbox!

We’ve improved Your Downsize DC Toolbox.

Remember, to see Your Downsize DC Toolbox you need to be logged into our website. Here are the new features . . .

Would you like to have a record of the letters you’ve sent this year? . . . last year?

Maybe you found just the right words in a letter you wrote months ago, and you find you have a need for those words again. Well . . .

In the Your Letters section . . .

You can now see all of your letters to Congress listed, in the order you sent them!

Just go to the letters section of the Toolbox, and click on Your Letters. And remember, you can also see stats for how many letters you’ve sent this month, this year, and previous years, as well as similar stats for your district as a whole.

In the District Information section . . .

There are now pictures posted for each member of your Congressional delegation. And remember, there are also links to their web-pages there too.

We’ve got EVEN MORE features COMING SOON to Your Toolbox. Some of these new features will help you network with other DC Downsizers, or should I say, gang-up on your representatives in Congress.

In addition . . .

We’re now testing our new “NON-registration” system.

When you introduce your friends to, they won’t be staring at a long, boring form. Instead, they’ll be able to direct their passion into writing a letter, right away! This should boost recruitment, plus . . .

We have plans to make this new NON-registration software available for other websites – perhaps even YOUR website. This too could greatly improve recruitment.

And improved recruitment magnifies YOUR VOICE on Capitol Hill.

Relentless Incrementalism

We are constantly working to improve what we do, and how we do it. We think “get powerful quick” schemes are as fanciful and foolish as the “get rich quick” variety. We call our approach “relentless incrementalism.” We intend to win by constantly achieving small bits of progress. These new enhancements are the latest example.

We also aim to do the same with our funding. Right now, of the more than 30,000 people subscribed to the Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

  • 592 are monthly pledgers
  • 939 have made one-time donations this year

Could you help us move above 600 monthly pledgers by starting a monthly pledge? You can do so for as little as a $1. Our largest pledger gives $250.

If not, could you help us move above 1,000 one-time donors? You could contribute as little as $1, but our largest donation so far this year has been $10,000.

It’s our pleasure to provide these tools. But you make them possible.

Thank you for your support,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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