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January 6, 2014

New Year’s Resolution: Put Congress on Notice


To kick off 2014, I told my so-called “representatives” in the House and Senate, “I don’t like what you do.”

I did so using’s “Deny consent to ‘government’ criminality” campaign.

I encourage you to do the same. The hardwired message says…

I deny my consent to “government” criminality.

You may borrow from or copy these personal comments…

Real governments protect us from crime. That's why I don't think the federal “government” is a government at all. Instead of protecting us from crime, it CREATES crime.

The year 2013 proves the point. Here are just a few of the crimes the federal “government” was guilty of…

* Murder: Drone strikes killed innocent people on the other side of the world. They received no due process.

* Attempted Murder: Barack Obama and John McCain plotted to bomb Syria on Al Qaeda's behalf.

* Molestation: Innocent people continued to be patted down and humiliated by the TSA at our airports for no reason.

* Perjury: NSA Director James Clapper lied to Congress about the extent of NSA surveillance. He hasn't been fired, let alone indicted.

* Trespassing: We learned that the NSA is spying on ALL of us without court-issued search warrants. And the man who provided this public service, was hunted, as if he was the criminal.

* Fraud: Millions who were told they could keep their health insurance under Obamacare saw their plans canceled.

* Theft: Taxes were collected to benefit corporate welfare queens in the Military-Industrial Complex, Big Agriculture, and many other industries.

* Generational Theft: The national debt continued to expand, due to deficit spending. This steals from and impoverishes future generations.

I'm putting you on notice. I DO NOT CONSENT to these crimes enabled by Congress and funded through my money.

But I'm thankful for one thing. The year 2013 awakened millions of Americans to your criminality. Members of Congress, from both parties, are feeling the heat.

You should be concerned. Governments are not changed for light and transient causes. But you've gone way past light and transient. And it appears you aren't going to stop your criminal activities, so REAL and deserved change is coming.


Send your letter to Congress using's Educate the Powerful System.

You will receive a copy of your letter to Congress via email. Please share your letter with friends. Ask them to take the same action.

All of us at Downsize DC and the Zero Aggression Project wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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