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December 30, 2013

Funding The State or Post-Statism?

Here's a two-for-one offer! Your year-end contribution to the Downsize DC Foundation will…

  1. Reduce the taxes you pay to fund The State
  2. Support the NEW Zero Aggression Project, which undermines statism

We've COMPLETED and TESTED the NEW Zero Aggression Project. Now, we're implementing the feedback we received. The site will be launched in early January.

But what does this mean for you?

We think the Zero Aggression Project will solve a neglected problem…

  • Too many people rely on so-called practical arguments when debating State actions
  • Too few people use moral arguments, like the Zero Aggression Principle and the Golden Rule.

This tends to result in a war of competing studies…

  • My study shows I'm right.
  • No, my study shows I'm right. Your study is wrong.

We end up sounding like policy wonks, petulant children, or even worse…politicians. And no one walks away any wiser.

We want to change this, by focusing on the neglected moral foundations of our philosophy.

  • All other ideologies, be they conservative, liberal, moderate, or green, are morally inferior. We have the ethical advantage!
  • The other ideologies also contradict how nearly everyone lives their daily lives

After all…

  • Who would willingly write a monthly check to fund the war on drugs, international wars of convenience, or Medicaid, if given the option to NOT pay?
  • Who would voluntarily subscribe to the Federal Election Commission, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, or the TSA?
  • Even more, who would be eager to kick down their neighbor's door, shoot their dog, and ransack their house, merely to enforce behavioral preferences?

Most of us live our daily lives without initiating force against others, or even wanting to, but somehow this moral principle gets lost when it comes to politics and government.

The Zero Aggression Project will change that.

It will be a tool that YOU can use, with family and friends, to move their conscience. So….

The launch we want to do will cost several thousand dollars. We could really use, right now contributions of varying sizes, from $10,000 to $10.

The more you give, the less the politicians get, and the more you can help to undermine them, non-violently, with moral persuasion.

This is the last day to make donations that will qualify on your 2013 tax returns. You can contribute easily using our secure online contribution form HERE.

Jim Babka & Perry WIllis
Zero Aggression Project (an initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation)

P.S. Contributions to, through which you send messages to Congress, are NOT tax-deductible. But they're still needed and very welcome.

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