June 1, 2018

One Subject at a Time Sponsors 115th Congress

Rep. Mia Love [R-UT-4] reintroduced the One Subject at a Time Act (HR 395) as part of the 2017-’18 session of Congress. This bill…  

  1. Prevents Congressional leaders from clustering unwanted bills with unrelated, sure-to-pass legislation
  2. Requires each bill to be about ONLY one subject, and to stand or fall entirely on its own merits.
  3. Is enforceable because it allows courts to negate any measure passed in violation of these provisions.

As of June 2018 she has 26 additional co-sponsors, listed below… 

Rep. Massie, Thomas [R-KY-4]
Rep. Stewart, Chris [R-UT-2]
Rep. Walker, Mark [R-NC-6]
Rep. Buck, Ken [R-CO-4]
Rep. Blum, Rod [R-IA-1]
Rep. Duncan, Jeff [R-SC-3]
Rep. Biggs, Andy [R-AZ-5]
Rep. Harris, Andy [R-MD-1]
Rep. Loudermilk, Barry [R-GA-11]
Rep. Ratcliffe, John [R-TX-4]
Rep. Brat, Dave [R-VA-7]
Rep. Johnson, Mike [R-LA-4]
Rep. Meadows, Mark [R-NC-11]
Rep. Emmer, Tom [R-MN-6]
Rep. Schweikert, David [R-AZ-6]
Rep. Labrador, Raul R. [R-ID-1]
Rep. Collins, Doug [R-GA-9]
Rep. DeSantis, Ron [R-FL-6]
Rep. Bishop, Rob [R-UT-1]
Rep. Webster, Daniel [R-FL-11]
Rep. Brooks, Mo [R-AL-5]
Rep. Gaetz, Matt [R-FL-1]
Rep. Bacon, Don [R-NE-2]
Rep. Newhouse, Dan [R-WA-4]
Rep. Norman, Ralph [R-SC-5]
Rep. Tipton, Scott R. [R-CO-3]


Help Mia Love get even more co-sponsors for HR 395 by sending a letter to your Rep and two Senators with our easy-to-use Engagement system.

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