June 12, 2018

VICTORY: You and the Downsize DC Army passed a bill!

Does anything good ever happen? The answer, dear libertarian, is yes. Retweet

  • Full marijuana legalization seems to be drawing nearer with every passing day, something we’ve promoted repeatedly and recently.  
  • The Iowa Supreme Court just rejected civil asset forfeiture, another issue we’ve battled on both in courts and in Congress, going back a decade.
  • As we recently reported to you, the Supreme Court is considering the delegation of the legislative power to unelected bureaucrats. That’s the very issue dealt with in our Write the Laws Act, which has been sponsored once in the House and three times in the Senate.
  • Congress just passed and President Trump has signed “Right to Try.” Terminal patients will now have access to drugs that have not yet completed clinical trials.

That last item is something libertarians, like us, have advocated for decades. Indeed, we promoted action on this very bill just four months ago.

That’s a 2018 Legislative Victory for the Downsize DC Army!

Right to Try can be viewed as a first tiny step toward our larger goal of making the FDA advisory rather than dictatorial. But please notice something. The key to this good news has been continuous and constantly expanding pressure, on all of these issues.

Your understanding of that strategic point lights the way to a better future.

Better tools will help too!

When we began Downsize DC, we mostly interacted with our supporters through emails that they read on their desktops. But Facebook and small screens (phones and tablets) have become more important. We’ve been working hard to adjust to this new world. The result is…

A new form for sending letters to Congress!

This form should work faster for you. It should also look better and work better on your phone or tablet. Please help us TEST IT by instructing your reps to sponsor the One Subject at a Time Act.

If you have any problems let us know by Replying to this message. We need to know what browser and operating system your using.

If you like the new form can you make a contribution or start a monthly pledge so we can do more and better things!

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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