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September 22, 2016

Pardon Snowden: We’ve got big new allies

Use our simple system to tell Congress to support a Snowden pardon. Retweet

We were the first to start a campaign to pardon Edward Snowden, way back on March 11, 2015.

Now, other organizations, such as the ACLU, are following our lead.
[Snowden promotional movie poster]

The ACLU is joining with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and a host of major celebrities to push for this pardon. The Snowden movie, currently in theaters, should also help.

When we launched our campaign we asked a crucial question — Is it a crime to expose crimes?

If you think the answer is no then you should view Snowden as a hero, and work to bring him home, safe from prosecution. A presidential pardon is the only real way to do that.

The President is unlikely to issue the pardon if he lacks political support. So, please pressure Congress to pressure the President on this matter. The hardwired message for this campaign reads…

Tell the President to pardon Edward Snowden.

You can copy or edit the following for your person comments…

Please be clear about this — you are my representative, NOT my ruler. You don’t get to endorse criminal things just because you think they would somehow be good for me. The surveillance state Congress has erected is a criminal thing. We know this largely because of Edward Snowden. The information he’s provided demonstrates that some of the surveillance programs violate the Constitution, which you swore an oath to protect. It’s time to start walking the talk of your oath. Here’s how you do that…

Step One: You write a letter to President Obama urging him to pardon Edward Snowden. Step Two: You post this letter on your website so I can see it. You must take these two steps because it should never be illegal for an American to expose crimes committed by so-called government. You should take these steps because, frankly, you and your colleagues failed to provide both the oversight and whistleblower protection that would’ve made Mr. Snowden’s disclosure unnecessary.

It’s crucial for you, at this election time, to show me that you will defend Edward Snowden. Otherwise I will have to assume that you are a person who aids and abets criminality and thinks “oversight” means hiding stuff from your constituents. Take the sternness of this letter as a sign of how important I consider this matter.


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