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September 20, 2016

Track, hunt, and kill bad legislation

New Tracking Tools for DC Downsizers, like YOU. Retweet.

In case you missed the news, we’re ending the era of our Educate the Powerful System. We’re replacing it with Engage, from CQRC.

We’ve already covered ten of the 16 benefits this change will bring you. The benefits we’ve described so far are listed on the right side of your screen. Today, we have three more to share. I want to get right to them…

1. You’ll be able to track the bills that interest you most.

We try to constantly update any progress on bills we support. But we may not get to it right away, or there may be some other bill in which you’re interested but that is NOT part of our reporting routine. Either way, those issues will be history. With our new Engage system, you’ll be able to check or track the status of any bill, instantly.

2. You’ll have news updates and other information, all in ONE place.

Our new site will also aggregate news media updates and policy studies on the bills that matter most to DC Downsizers, like you.

With these two tools, you’ll be able to quickly sniff out the worst Congressional deeds, so you (and every other like-minded, DC Downsizer) can instantly react.
By Blaine Hansel (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But that’s not all!

Downsize DC will have a new power that we intend to employ to pressure incumbent officeholders to adopt the Downsize DC Agenda. That tool is…

3. A Congressional scorecard.

Every DC Downsizer, including you, will know, at a glance, who is and who is not sponsoring…

  • The One Subject at a Time Act (HR 4335 and S. 1572)
  • The Fiscal Responsibility Act (HR 4476)
  • The Read the Bills Act (S. 1575)
  • The Write the Laws Act (S. 1571)
  • New bills we have on the drawing board!

Yes, we’re going to EXPAND the Downsize DC Agenda for the first time in nearly a decade. Stay tuned.

I’m also eager to give you a sneak peak at the new site. It’s coming along nicely. But first…

We must finish funding the necessary programming to install our new Engage software. The bill started at $38,000 to get all of these benefits, instantly. Now, it’s down to just $11,592. Can you help with a donation to cover all or part of this balance?

Regardless of the size of your contribution, we will…

Put your name on a Refounders roster that appears at the bottom of this series of messages, and on the About Us page of our new site, next to the original Founders’ roster.

Please let me share why it is special to be next to the original Founders…

  • The original Founders helped us launch Downsize DC. That was 2004. Many names I recognize on that list are no longer with us. I miss them, every time I read their names.
  • They had to give a minimum contribution, but you won’t need to do that. The “Refounders – 2016” will be listed in rank order based on the size of their gift. Monthly credit card pledgers are “annualized” for ranking purposes.

Please consider starting or increasing a monthly, credit card pledge.

– OR –

Please demonstrate your confidence in our plan by investing the largest contribution that will make you feel good.

And thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. We were not able to update, for publication, the Refounders-2016 list for this message. Our dedicated office manager is on a much-deserved vacation. But that wasn’t going to stop Kandy. Unfortunately, she’s also out of WiFi range. Talk about dedication! 😉 But the deadline for joining this committee is coming fast — the end of September.

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