November 28, 2017

If you say this thing, you have no business saying the opposite

If polls influence politicians, then so do your letters and calls. Retweet

Our Downsizer-Dispatch is about Plans & Progress for the Downsize DC Army. Do you want Downsize DC to be effective? We intend to spend more time and energy explaining strategy — how to be more successful, politically. And we’ve found a way that many people are getting in their own way.

People say to us, “Politicians tailor their positions to fit the public opinion polls.” Well, anyone who believes that should never say the following… 

“There’s no point in writing to Congress. They ignore our messages.”

If the claim about polling is true (and we think it is), then the claim that messages to Congress have no value must be false. Think about it…

Why would politicians spend money on an opinion poll, but completely ignore a free source of the same information in the form of the messages their constituents send them? The fact is…

Congress doesn’t ignore your messages — they count the positions taken in all the letters and phone calls they receive. Over the years, Congressional staff has confirmed this to us. And it makes sense. They count your letters for the same reason that they buy opinion surveys. Members of Congress want to know what their constituents think. Of course…

This doesn’t mean they’ll do as you ask. After all, other people are writing Congress too, or calling them and meeting with them, and asking for the opposite of what you want. That means…

It’s a numbers game!

To win that game there must be more people asking for what you want. In a future message, we’ll explain why libertarians are currently at a numerical disadvantage when it comes to electoral politics, but have an unexploited advantage when it comes to pressuring Congress. Today, we want to focus on just one thing…

Your messages to Congress

Every message you send improves the Downsize DC score in the numbers game. Do you want to score more? Then send every message we recommend on every issue where you agree with our position. That’s the first essential step to take in order to get more of what you want. We’ll tell you about more steps in future messages.

Today’s action…

If you support OSTA (the One Subject at a Time Act) then you should be sending a message about it at least once per month. Twice per month would be even better. Send an OSTA letter now.

Please consider making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge to further our work

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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  1. Posted November 29, 2017 at 7:41 am | Permalink

    Concerning your observation in red below, the concept of smaller government appeals to most rational taxpayers. A larger, more socialistic government appeals to most rational, government-subsidized people and there is an ever-increasing number of this already-large group. A larger, more socialistic government also appeals to our controllers, the owners of Corporate America, historically referred to as the establishment.

    The money spent on unconstitutional wars has the greatest positive impact for our wealthiest families. Social welfare adds millions of customers to many of their corporations. Corporate welfare uses taxpayer money to reduce expenses normally borne by the company. So, in spite of what many middle class, American taxpayers might want, they are outnumbered by sheer numbers and heavily outgunned by political influence.

    Things either happen by accident or design and, as always, I choose design. All it takes is money available to influence legislation and politicians who will perform immoral acts (like destroying a country) for personal gain.

    Bill Madden

    It would seem that his views have driven up the stock market considerably since he took office. The view of conservatives is that taxes should be cut and so should social programs, unfortunately, like Obama they have done nothing about the huge defense budget or the spending on failed foreign policy and wars in the Middle East. The concept of smaller government and lower taxes appeals to most rational people despite their political affiliation, the problem is it just doesn’t happen.

    The major difference between the political views of the duopoly is that one party wants to control your mind the other will let you think as you please. One wants to take your production and spend it on social programs the other is more likely to let you keep more of what you have earned. One wants to control business the other is more inclined toward free markets. There’s more, this is enough for now.



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