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May 18, 2006

Progress Report

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .


* Media report
* Media action item
* New interview you can hear
* Meet-Up Groups
* RTBA Coalition
* Our gas tank


We’re continuing to spread the word on talk-radio. I’ve done five interviews so far this month, and have another scheduled tomorrow.

My Tuesday interview came via a Downsizer in Rockford, Illinois. Tom Seymour on WROK 1440 AM is a conservative who doesn’t like how large our federal government has become. We talked about several Downsize DC campaigns – especially the “Read the Bills Act.” He loved it and wants me back for more.

You can do the same thing the Downsizer in Rockford did. Make more interviews possible! Go here.

Read the instructions. Find the information for your local shows. Return to the above link and enter the info. We promise to make the contact and ask for an interview. They may not say yes, but not asking is the same as no. Asking depends on knowing who to ask. And that depends on you.

Here’s Friday’s interview…

Date: Friday, May 19, 2006
8:00 AM Eastern
7:00 AM Central
6:00 AM Mountain
5:00 AM Pacific
Stations: WWPR 1490 AM Clearwater, Sarasota, and parts of Tampa, FL
Host: Henry Raines
Show: American AM
Topic: Downsize DC campaigns including National Animal ID
Guest: Jim Babka, President,
Internet: Log on to
Click on “Listen Live” microphone in the top right corner.


Last week we finished the programming for the online reports and databases we’ll need to send 1,000+ Downsizers to DC on behalf of the “Read the Bills Act.” This week we finished the associated web pages. Now there are just a few graphical flourishes to complete, and we should launch next week. Finally!


We have a number of new members to announce for the RTBA Coalition. But we’re behind in processing them. Expect an update any minute. The coalition IS growing!


We’ve so-far raised $1,826 of the $14,000 we need for May. To help us continue operating you can make a contribution or start a monthly pledge here.

Thank you to the following Downsizers for their recent contributions

Granite Garver, Anneliese Crosby, Herbert Boehl, Mann Page Ciesemier, Robert Giramma, Ronald Moore, Daniel H Fylstra, J Billy Verplanck, Rick Hogan, Charles Parlier, Kalianni Enterprises, William Busser, Kay Samalin, George R Whitfield

Special thanks to the following Downsizers for starting monthly pledges

Peter Ruhe, Douglas Washington, Jeffrey S Schulman Sr, Herb Peters, Christopher J Stoll, Eric B Lanehart, Mark Duckworth


Help build our media database here.

Make a contribution or start a monthly pledge here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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