May 15, 2019

Is this the worst mistake U.S. politicians ever made?

Did U.S. politicians set the stage for Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union? Retweet

We’ve been sharing a series of articles about U.S. military history… Trench warfare, in Somme, 1916 - John Warwick Brooke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Were early U.S. wars good or bad? showed how the major foreign conflicts of the 19th century were actually wars of conquest. It also showed what the moral alternative was.
  • The Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Empire of Japan? explained how this “Bully Boy” president encouraged Japan’s “Aryan” development by giving them their first victim. These were the first steps on the path to Pearl Harbor and communist North Korea.

Today’s installment is…

Did U.S. politicians support the more evil side in World War One?
Was U.S. participation in WW1 the worst mistake ever?

People have repeatedly told us that this is the best article on World War 1 they’ve ever read.

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