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July 22, 2015

Should American industry be harmed by a manufactured crisis?

Let us weep for those poor defense contractors as they lose a crisis. #tlot Re-Tweet>

I sent this letter to Congress through's No Conflict With Iran campaign:

I'm glad a deal has been struck between the U.S. and Iran.

The conflict with Iran was a sham. Neither Israeli nor U.S.intelligence agencies believed Iran had plans to develop nuclear weapons.

Sanctions were unjust for American business and damaging to the Iranian people.

At least this deal helps put an end to a manufactured “crisis.” And it provides evidence that the Iranian President is someone with whom we could negotiate. This could be a path to easing remaining tensions.

But many of you in Congress DON'T WANT that. You apparently want to keep the conflict going. Possible war means more spending on your contractor cronies.

But the rest of the world's powers are fine with the deal. They'll abide by it whether the U.S. goes along or not.

Should other nations lift sanctions, you'll be FURTHER hurting the U.S. economy if YOU don't lift them as well.

I do NOT CONSENT to fear mongering.

Act in the nation's best interest. SUPPORT this deal.

If you are also glad that a deal with Iran has finally been reached, you may copy-and-paste or edit this letter. You could even write your own letter using's “Educate the Powerful” system by clicking this link.

Jim Babka is President of

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