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July 22, 2015

Did you know banks could be punished for serving legal marijuana businesses?

I sent this letter through Congress using's End Drug Prohibition campaign:

I'm glad that a bill's been introduced by Rand Paul to allow banks to serve legitimate marijuana businesses. (

Even in states where it's legal (medical or recreational), marijuana is still a cash-only business, making it susceptible to robbery. Senator Paul’s bill will increase public safety. Plus, bank executives won't fear jail time.

But you should also “strike at the root.” If you end Drug Prohibition, gangs will lose profits. Kids wouldn't be targeted as customers.

Pass this bill, but also end Drug Prohibition.

If you also believe banks should be free to serve any legal enterprise, feel free to copy-and-paste or edit this letter, or write your own letter using's “Educate the Powerful” system by clicking this link.

Jim Babka is President of

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