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July 22, 2015

Online Gambling Ban: Is it about the children or the cronies?

I sent this letter to Congress through's Stop the Online Gambling ban:


A front group funded by casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson has hired former Senators Trent Lott-R  and John Breaux-D. They're paid to lobby Congress to pass a bill banning online gambling. (

Adelson invokes Nanny State “protect the children” nonsense to explain his stance. That's laughable. His real motivation is obvious. He wants to protect his brick-and-mortar casinos from Internet competition.

This bill isn't about the children, it's about cronyism.

And just because the bill is “bipartisan,” doesn't mean it's legitimate.

In fact, a ban would violate the Tenth Amendment right of the people to have online gambling legal in their state.

Which means…

You shouldn't listen to hired guns like Lott and Breaux. Instead, do your job and follow the Constitution. 
Or do you want to be remembered as one of the cronies?

If you oppose the online gambling ban, you may copy-and-paste, edit this letter, or write your own letter using's “Educate the Powerful” system by clicking this link.

James Wilson is Policy Research Director at  


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