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July 27, 2015

URGENT! Planned Parenthood funding vote may happen this week

Planned Parenthood vote: Being pro choice might mean something different in this case. #conscience #tlot Re-Tweet

Should YOU be forced to fund things you morally oppose? I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty answering “No!” 

But what about people who disagree with you? Should they be forced to fund things they loathe, but that you support? It’s at this point that many people become hypocrites. 

Too many of us are too eager to use politics and government to impose our views on others, even though we want our own conscience to be respected. This is called special pleading. It’s when you treat others differently than you want to be treated. Special pleading is the root of all evil. 

Well, here’s your chance to NOT be a hypocrite. 

Senator Rand Paul wants to deny tax funding to Planned Parenthood. You should favor this, no matter where you stand on the abortion question. Why? Because it’s a matter of conscience. Those who oppose abortions should NOT be required to fund them. It’s that simple.

Being pro choice means allowing people to choose what they will or will not fund!

If you favor a woman’s right to choose an abortion, and you support Planned Parenthood as a mechanism for that purpose, then you should write voluntary checks to Planned Parenthood. But you should NOT support having people who oppose abortions be taxed to fund them.  

Now, many people will debate this question on other grounds. And there’s little doubt that Senator Paul is hoping to score points with social conservatives. So let’s be clear about this…

Senator Paul’s purpose is NOT our purpose.

Our objective is to support freedom of conscience. We’re supporting Senator Paul’s bill for that reason only. We hope you’ll do the same. The Senator has placed this bill on a “fast track,” so the vote may happen soon, perhaps even this week. That means…

Now is your time to act.

You can use Downsize DC’s “Cut federal spending” campaign for this purpose. The hardwired portion of that’s campaign’s letter to Congress reads simply… 

Cut federal spending.

Add your personal comments to that message. Below are the comments I sent to Congress. Feel free to copy or edit them for your own use… 

Senator Paul’s “Planned Parenthood” bill provides you an excellent opportunity. You should NOT force people who oppose abortions to fund them. Individual conscience must be respected in all things. If I want to support Planned Parenthood I will write a voluntary check for that purpose. You should not force people who oppose abortions to fund them. Please be “pro choice” on this matter — cut tax funding for Planned Parenthood.


Send your own letter to Congress here.

Then, share this email with others, and ask them to send their own letter to Congress. 

Now, I can promise you we’ll lose subscribers because of this. Those who oppose abortion will object that we didn’t support Senator Paul’s bill for their reason. Some on the other side will object because they value abortion over conscience — they will special plead. So…

If you want to see us continue taking controversial stands in defense of individual conscience, please consider making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge to support our work. 

Thank you.

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc. 

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