June 21, 2019

Get Edward Snowden a pardon on his birthday

It’s Edward Snowden’s 36th birthday. Tell President Trump to pardon him Retweet

Peeping-Toms are creepy. But it’s even worse when the peeper is your own government. Catching Peeping-Toms is heroic. It’s even more heroic to turn in the creepy-peepers that are supposed to enforce our laws.

Edward Snowden might even be one of the greatest heroes ever because he exposed the worst episode of government peeping-tomism in U.S. history.

And he paid a huge price for it. The criminal politicians responsible for the peeping-tomism drove Snowden out of the country. This must not be allowed to stand!

Today is Edward Snowden’s 36th birthday (he’s of eligible age to run for President). Give him a birthday present…

  • Tell Congress to take steps that would allow Snowden to come back home
  • Tell President Trump to pardon Snowden

We have a campaign for this purpose. Go check it out. Send our sample letter or personalize it.

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Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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  1. Curt Aldridge
    Posted June 21, 2019 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Free Edward Snowden!

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