June 26, 2019

U.S. should leave Iran alone

The U.S. has repeatedly aggressed against Iran, but Iran has not responded in kind Retweet

U.S. politicians have launched nearly every war under false pretenses. Should you doubt this, read our series reviewing the history of U.S. wars. Please understand, our point is NOT anti-American. It’s anti-politician. Politicians…

  • Misuse the military
  • Lie to start wars
  • Make their citizens less safe in the name of protecting them

The problem is especially bad when it comes to Iran. Few Americans know that…

  • U.S. politicians have constantly committed acts of aggression against Iran.
  • Iran has never attacked the U.S.
  • Even the famous hostage crisis of 1979/80 was an act of Iranian self-defense.

I know that some reading this are going to have a hard time believing that. If that’s you, don’t write, listen! I covered the major parts in a recent radio interview on the Gary Nolan show.

Our message isn’t new. We sounded an alarm on October 3, 2012. That message warned people of possible U.S. “false flags” against Iran — literally, we exposed a Hillary Clinton aide arguing that “crisis initiation” might be necessary to fix Iran. And…

That concern still applies today. Put bluntly…

I don’t believe Iran was responsible for the recent oil tanker explosions. And history has taught us to “wait and see” before we reach a conclusion on the drone shoot-down. The truth takes time to arrive. These events are very likely false flags. Politicians in the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, or all three working together have significant motivation to initiate a crisis. In addition…

There is no moral justification for any hostile acts against Iran, either military attacks or economic sanctions.

This is NOT because I think Iran has a moral government. Quite the contrary. All politicians everywhere are problematic, be they theocrats, Democrats, or Republicans. It is simply that I know…

  • U.S. politicians have caused more strife in the world than Iran’s theocrats have.
  • Our politicians are formally allied with what may be the evilest state in the world, Saudi Arabia.
  • We can better improve things through “cultural engagement” – that is, by engaging Iran in friendship and trade.

In fact, I’m for regime change! If you study Iran’s leadership, you learn that sanctions and war only “Castro-ize” Iran’s theocracy. The Ayatollahs know that the “Great Satan” must be kept at a distance. Cultural engagement is the solvent that would dissolve the theocracy.

Furthermore, our politicians have no moral or legal standing to decide that other nations cannot have nuclear weapons.

The best thing U.S. politicians could do to fight nuclear proliferation is to lead the world in negotiations aimed at dramatically reducing the number of these weapons everywhere. For now, two things are needed…

  1. Trump must not attack Iran, even create a condition where an “accident” occurs.
  2. The president and congress should lift ALL sanctions against Iran.

If you agree, please use our letter making those requests (or edit it to your own words).

Also, this Action message WILL cost us support, even though I’ve backed up my arguments. Standing for principle drives away supporters who didn’t understand our non-partisan opposition to being media manipulated. So please consider a one-time contribution or monthly pledge.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

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