July 8, 2019

President Trump should cut these taxes!

Could high tariffs plus a stock market bubble threaten prosperity? Retweet

Today’s Action: Tell Congress and President Trump to adopt Downsize DC’s trade policy.

Does America have a trade policy? Does the president? Do you? It’s hard to figure out what’s happening and why. The signals are so confusing.

Trump supporters claim he’s not really a protectionist. They say his high tariffs are really designed to give us zero tariffs.

Trump himself has said so. But he’s also said the opposite, and mostly he’s done the opposite. More than half his term has passed and there’s still no progress toward lower trade barriers, let alone zero barriers. Meanwhile…

Interest rates are still artificially low, thanks to the Federal Reserve. That pushes savers into the stock market as the only way to earn a decent return on savings. If that’s happening, then stock prices are probably artificially high. Now…

Consider the impact Trump’s tariffs could have on a stock market bubble?

Most companies have very slim profit margins. Raising trade costs trims those margins even further. Higher tariffs could make barely profitable companies no longer profitable. This could start a domino effect of business failures.

What’s the best way to preserve prosperity? Republicans tell us that tax cuts help. But there’s one tax left uncut – the tariffs! Here’s what we recommend for your personal trade policy…

Tell Trump and Congress to eliminate all U.S. tariffs unilaterally! Yes, you read that right.

This will give a big, tax-cut boost to the economy, and do much more besides. It might even save the economy and Trump’s re-election. Go read our letter to Congress and Trump on this issue, then…

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