July 9, 2019

Say Goodbye to OLD Downsize DC

For our upcoming 15th Anniversary, we’re saying goodbye to old Downsize DC Retweet

We’re doing away with two (2) long-term staples of our business. There’s going to be some radical pruning to make room for something new.

The “second-biggest” change involves our website. These past few years have been a “software hell.” And the website fix involves two major steps…

FIRST, we’re building you a new website.

  • It will be optimized for your mobile device.
  • Navigation will be simplified.
  • The forms will be smooth. Indeed…

If you had an issue with our congressional letter form, that will end, because…

SECOND, we’re also changing letter-sending vendors. We must. Our contract is up next week (right after our anniversary).

The new system will offer additional features you’ll love. I’ll tell you about them in an upcoming message.

I’ve just told you about the second-biggest change. Our BIGGEST CHANGE is even more renegade. This innovation involves saying goodbye to our number one strategy!

We’re going to do something “far out.” It’s already stirred controversy. But it’s the right move because, in the process, we’ll be addressing the following question…

Why do state programs and government debts always grow?

I’ll explain our unorthodox strategy to you in the next newsletter message. You won’t want to miss it.

We planned ahead for this journey.

  • We saved up to pay the subscription for the new software.
  • We got a major donor to fund our transition expenses, such as the new website.
  • It’s all paid for!

Moreover, in three of the last four months, including the last two, we’ve enjoyed a positive cash flow. Thank you.

But one thing remains unfunded. We’ve survived the last eight months, despite investing less than $900 on any kind of outreach. All of this effort will be for naught if we cannot increase our outreach budget.

A monthly credit-card pledge is the ideal way to ensure the success of our upcoming effort. Pledgers enable us to plan more confidently and take bigger risks (no risk, no reward). But one-time contributions of any size are needed right now, as well. So…

Invest in Outreach

Thank you for your support,

Jim Babka
Founder & President
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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